Protocol Buffers are Google's data interchange format.
Include valid proguard config in java protolite library
help wanted java
2022-12-12 · 2 comment(s)
Any reason why protobuf doesn't use the last version of bazel skybuild?
help wanted bazel
2022-11-10 · 3 comment(s)
main branch `//:protobuf` target doesn't provide any headers (glob cross package boundary)
help wanted bazel
2022-11-02 · 6 comment(s)
Ruby doesn't build from main branch when using system Ruby on macOS
help wanted ruby
2022-11-01 · 0 comment(s)
Using `m` as a package name leads to invalid code
help wanted java
2022-10-28 · 1 comment(s)
Define cmake target as PIC if BUILD_SHARED_LIBS
help wanted c++ cmake
2022-10-27 · 2 comment(s)
Serialization & Deserialization not working for unititialized bool
help wanted c++
2022-10-14 · 3 comment(s)
inconsistent handling of keywords and conflicts
help wanted protoc
2022-09-01 · 1 comment(s)
protoc cli returns success with --fatal_warnings switch when warnings are detected
help wanted protoc
2022-09-01 · 2 comment(s)
Plugins passed as --plugin not searched from PATH
help wanted protoc
2022-07-22 · 4 comment(s)
Critical Violations Reported in CAST Analysis for Auto Generated Code
help wanted java cleanup
2022-07-18 · 3 comment(s)
Protobuf java generate to large methods
enhancement help wanted java performance java-lite
2022-07-12 · 1 comment(s)
Delimited Messages - let's harmonize across languages
enhancement help wanted c# python objective-c ruby php jruby
2022-07-08 · 4 comment(s)
Protobuf error when using IL2CPP on Android
help wanted
2022-06-12 · 4 comment(s)
Class 'AdapterManifest\Thing' not found but compiler creates class AdapterManifest_Thing.php
help wanted php protoc
2022-05-26 · 3 comment(s)
Wrong link flags when compiling with Bazel and clang-cl
help wanted packaging & distribution
2022-05-20 · 0 comment(s)
Bug: Big endian assumed on little endian QNX targets
help wanted c++
2022-05-05 · 1 comment(s)
How to import proto files between different files using cmake
help wanted c++
2022-03-17 · 0 comment(s)
protobuf php extension does not provide a config.w32
help wanted windows php
2022-02-10 · 1 comment(s)
Wrong relative path in protobuf_generate
help wanted windows cmake
2021-12-07 · 2 comment(s)
proto defined enums conflicts with globally defined variables using protoc cpp
help wanted c++ protoc
2021-09-03 · 1 comment(s)
Ruby: Please document the `ruby_package` option in the Ruby section
help wanted ruby documentation
2021-08-01 · 0 comment(s)
Allow custom plugin codegenerators to use imports
enhancement help wanted protoc
2020-12-31 · 3 comment(s)
Missing proper includes for WrappedMutex and Mutex
help wanted c++
2020-09-05 · 4 comment(s)
OnShutdownDestroyMessage Debug x86 crash
help wanted c++ windows
2020-08-21 · 2 comment(s)
Protoc for linux-arm_32?
help wanted packaging & distribution
2020-08-16 · 1 comment(s)
ruby: repeated_field aliases each_index to each_with_index - thus incorrectly returning the each not the index
help wanted ruby
2020-08-14 · 0 comment(s)
Unrecoverable freeze/crash when calling .extend on repeated field with current object
help wanted python customer issue P3
2020-07-20 · 0 comment(s)
cpp_implementation build issue with protobuf 3.11.4 on windows
help wanted c++
2020-06-08 · 0 comment(s)
"Map fields are not allowed in oneofs"
help wanted documentation
2020-05-21 · 2 comment(s)
Cannot assign an array to a repeated field in Ruby
help wanted ruby
2020-01-31 · 1 comment(s)
Make PHP Extension thread-safe
help wanted php
2019-08-13 · 6 comment(s)
UML Class Diagrams
help wanted proto3
2019-04-16 · 4 comment(s)
protoc --grpc_out should look on Windows path for grpc_cpp_plugin.exe
enhancement help wanted c++ protoc
2018-07-05 · 1 comment(s)
support native C++ UWP applications
enhancement help wanted c++ windows P3
2016-12-28 · 7 comment(s)
Ruby deprecated descriptors should throw ruby warnings
enhancement help wanted ruby
2016-10-20 · 1 comment(s)
support documentation in code generated bindings
enhancement help wanted P3
2015-11-18 · 0 comment(s)
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